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My Own Sewing Machine Store  


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Own Your Own

Profitable Sewing Machine Store.


My Own Sewing Machine Store
            reveals the secrets.


Now you can own your own sewing machine store.  Open and Operate your own successful sewing machine store.

Yes You Can!

The secrets are now revealed in easy to read instructions.


Provide quality sewing machine sales, repair, and service.


Be the sewing and quilting education center for your community.


Get your own sewing machine dealership.  Choose from sewing machine companies like Singer, Bernina, Brother, Baby Lock, Pfaff, or Viking. There are dozens of high quality sewing machine brand dealerships, and I will show you how to get your own.



In this 300 plus page Ebook, you will learn the ins and outs of the sewing machine store business.  


You will find detailed descriptions of many typical sewing machine stores.  You will learn how sewing machine stores operate and make money.


You will discover the industry benchmarks.  Learn what to expect based on real world market benchmarks.


Learn to calculate your own sewing machines sales based on national sales benchmarks.  Predict your sales with confidence. Develop a  solid foundation for business planning and operations.


This 300+ page Ebook guides you through the business planning process with practical guidelines, techniques, and procedures.


Create your own sewing machine store business plan.  Use your business plan to acquire sewing machine dealerships, financing, and store leases. The Ebook guides you through the whole process.  Yes You Can!  


Dr. David Trumble Sewing Machines pic Dear Entrepreneur, 


For many years, my wife and I operated home based sewing businesses. The businesses were profitable, but we could never get enough business to make a real living. In 1992, we began the process of building our sewing machine store business.  


I did sewing machine repair from my garage. I rented 25 square feet from the local vacuum repair shop and the shop keeper agreed to become a drop off center for us.  I a sign in his store window. It worked. Soon we had 6 to 8 more sewing machine repairs coming through the store per week.  


We put five sewing machines on display in the vacuum store, and rented a bit more space. This did not do so well. The vacuum dealer had no interest in selling our machines as you might expect.


We rented 600 square feet inside the vacuum shop. Donna began running our new sewing machine store, and clerked for the vacuum dealer.   


After about a year, we expanded to our own store location with 2500 square feet. We now had a real sewing machine store offering sewing machine repair and sales of sewing machines and associated products.  


Today we own a small chain of sewing machine stores serving three small cities in central Texas. The stores sell hundreds of top quality sewing machines grossing over a million dollars a year. Our stores are well known throughout the region.  Our Technicians and staff are known as the sewing machine experts.  


If only we had had this Ebook when we first started. We would have been even more profitable. Today we would have an even stronger sewing machine store business. 


Now You Can Own
Your Own Sewing Machine Store!
I will show you how.


Best Wishes, 

Dr. DavidTrumble


My Own Sewing Machine Store 


In this 300+ page Ebook, you will find the practical tools to plan, open, and operate your own sewing machine store.  Real world samples of business plans, personnel and operations handbooks, and hundreds of vivid photos make this an invaluable tool to guide your success.


The Contents Of
My Own Sewing Machine Store 


Typical Sewing Machine Store


Business Potential 

Your Initial Market Research 


Starting Your Own Business 

What is your best location? 


Business Vision 

Mission Statement 


How To Set Goals 


Acquiring Your Sewing Machine Dealership  


Getting & Keeping Customers 



How To Increase Fabric Turns  

Management Planning

Management Planning



The Composite Business Plan  


Opening My Store Checklist



Working Business plan 


Sample Personnel Handbook  


Sample Operations Manual 

Government Resources 



Added Bonuses

Life Long
Customer Relations

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Dr. David Trumble reveals how you can connect with your customer. In just a few minutes you can build the kind of relationship with your customers that last year after year. Listen to the dynamic audio presentation and discover how to tap the full life time value of each customer. 

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7 Strategies For Success
"You Are A Winner"

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Discover the secrets of personal, professional, and business success. Plan and act with confidence. Become the person you always wanted to be. This dynamic audio presentation reveals practical secrets you can apply everyday.

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You will automatically receive periodic updates with vital information to help you repair sewing machines.  Periodically the content of this book is updated with new information, illustrations, and practical content.  New bonuses are also added from time to time.  This is all yours - Premium Updates. 

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300 Things You Can Do

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Is your biggest problem finding and keeping customers? Customer traffic challenges every business, but now you will have an abundant source of practical ideas you can do now. Generate hundreds of new customers and keep them coming back. Dr. David Trumble reveals over 300 Things You Can Do Now.


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Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair TNT
Get Started Fast with this 72 page ebook.
It is full of sewing machine repair tips, tricks, and techniques you need.

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My Own Sewing Machine Store

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