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Repair Services


Consumers depend on Professional Sewing Machine Technicians for repairs and services. For the past sixteen years, we have provided the finest sewing machine repair services in Central Texas. Sewing machine users in need of this service may bring the sewing machine for service to our regional service center in Killeen, Texas. They may also ship the machine to us for service. Our turn around rate is less than two weeks, and we offer a solid written labor warranty on all our Full Services.

Consumers may contact us concerning repairs only at:

Killeen Sew And Quilt Store
2201 South W.S. Young Dr. Ste. 111C
Killeen, Texas 76543

Service Center
Phone: 254-616-2200
Ask For Jeremiah.
He is our Senior Sewing Machine Technician

Policies And Pricing:

Please call first before you ship your sewing machine in for service so we can plan for your sewing machine. You will need to pay shipping to us.

We will perform a Full Service on each machine shipped to us for repair. The rate for Full Service is currently $95.00. 

If parts exceed $50.00, we will contact the customer by phone or email for authorization prior to completing the repair.

Labor rates for extended repairs beyond the Full Service will be charged at $70.00 per hour. If a repair is anticipated to run over $200.00 including parts, we will contact the customer by phone or email for authorization prior to completing the repair.

Once the customer authorized the repair, and the repair is completed; we will calculate the complete bill including: Full Service, Parts, Extended Labor, and Return Shipping. We will then contact the customer for payment and processing. The customer may pay by credit card or mail a check payable to Killeen Sew and Quilt. Upon completion of the transaction, the machine will be shipped back to the customer.



Periodically, sewing machine technicians will encounter problems beyond their knowledge and skills. This happens to the best of us from time to time. To provide support for professional sewing machine technicians, we will provide a similar service to the one discribed above and charge wholesale rates. 

We do not extend wholesale repair services to other professionals in the sewing community.

We will required a resale tax exempt form and certification of your providing professional sewing machine repair.  Please send a copy of your papers with the sewing machine.

The same basic policies, and practices described above apply, however, our wholesale rates are as follows:

Full Service: $59.95
Wholesale Parts Pricing: As Needed.
Wholesale Hourly Rate: $40.00 per hour of extended labor.
Shipping is the Customer's Responsibility.


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