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How To Sell
Sewing Machines.

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Discover The Secrets Of
 How To Sell Sewing Machines
And Associated Products.  

Selling Is Not A Bad Word.
How To Sell Sewing Machines
Empowers Your Customer
To Get What They Really Want. 

Selling sewing machines is NOT about tricking or pressuring anyone.

Selling sewing machines is about LISTENING to people. Selling sewing machines is about HELPING people get what they want or need.  

Selling sewing machines  is about listening to interests, desires, and needs.   Selling sewing machines empowers your customer to fulfill their dreams -- to get what they really want.     

Selling sewing machines involves informing someone about solutions to their problems.  Selling sewing machines provides answers to a person’s real questions.  Selling sewing machines  satisfies their desires.   

Selling sewing machines reveals what you have to offer.   Selling sewing machines helps prospects process their pros and cons to make their best buying decision.  

Turn customers' frustrations into joy.  Establish  lifelong relationships. Make  a positive impact on the customer’s life. Feed their appetite for personal expression. Confirm their hopes and dreams.  Give so  much more than a machine in a box. 

Your Customers Will Love You. 

Your Customers Will Look For You. 

Your Customers Will Seek You Out. 

Your Customers Will Trust You. 

Customers Will Embrace You. 


You become a  trusted advisor, confidant, and expert in sewing machines.   

Selling is the life blood of the sewing machine business. Selling is the force that builds the sewing machine business. Without sales, there is no business.


The secrets of successful selling are mystifying to many, but  Now You Can Discover For Yourself 

               How To Sell Sewing Machines. 


Selling Sewing Quality Machines keeps our treasured heritage of creative passion alive.  Selling Sewing Machines promotes a life of personal expression that uplifts and enriches everyone. 


You can sell sewing machines. 

Sell to your family and friends. 

Sell sewing machines from your own  

sewing machine repair business. 

Sell sewing machines in a sewing machine store. 

Sell sewing machines in your:

My Own Sewing Machine Store. 


This ebook shows you how to find customers. You will learn how to take an incidental customer visit and turn it into life long relationships.  Instead of isolated sales by accident, you will master the skills of selling repeatedly to the same customer.  Become their sewing machine champion and enrich their lives again and again.  

This ebook empowers you with the
  tools to successfully sell sewing machines.



Selling skills are vitally important.  Master sales, and  you can write your own pay check.  Become the most important employee. Operate your business with  confidence.



The secrets of how to sell sewing machines are revealed in simple easy to follow instructions.   Learn the practical skills that enable you to give your friends and customers what they truly desire.  


Discover For Yourself ......
How To Sell Sewing Machines 


What does it mean to sell? 

This Book Will Forever Change How You Look At Selling.   


What are realistic sewing machine sales expectations?

What Sales Goals can you achieve?   


Find Out How To Prospect for new customers,  

and attract hundreds of new buyers.   


Learn How You Can Always Be Prepared   

For Dynamic Sales Opportunities.   


Discover How To Connect  

With Each Customer. 


Uncover The Secrets  

Of Turning An Occasional Customer  

Into A Life Long Repeat Customer.   


Perform World Class Show Demos  

That Produce Real Results.  


Help Your Customers
Solve Their Problems 

And Resolve Their Concerns. 


Discover How To Effectively Close A Sale 


Learn Closing Techniques 

The Continuous Close 

The Manager’s Close 

The Delayed Close 


Master Follow Up Skills 

Turn A Sales Presentation Into 

A Life Long Relationship 


Provide Excellent Service
Before, During, And After The Sale 



This Ebook is a complete sales training course designed to empower you to sell sewing machines. Its over 90 pages are filled with practical instructions, principles, guidelines, and photos revealing the secrets of how to sell sewing machines. 


Life Long
Customer Relations

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Dr. David Trumble reveals how you can connect with your customer.  In just a few minutes you can build the kind of relationship with your customers that last year after year.  Listen to the dynamic audio presentation and discover how to tap the full life time value of each customer.  

Value $19.95

300 Things
You Can Do

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Is your biggest problem finding and keeping customers?  Customer traffic challenges every business, but now you will have an abundant source of practical ideas you can do now.   Generate hundreds of new customers and keep them coming back.   Dr. David Trumble reveals over 300 Things You Can Do Now. 

Value $19.95

How To Make
Profit With Fabrics

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Fabric stores come and go.  Many sewing machine store owners believe it is impossible to really make profit with fabrics.  Now, however, you will have the tools to turn fabric into dollars.  Dr. David Trumble will inspire you with exciting things you can do to make profit with fabrics. 

Value $19.95


You will automatically receive periodic updates with vital information to help you repair sewing machines.  Periodically the content of this book is updated with new information, illustrations, and practical content.  New bonuses are also added from time to time.  This is all yours - Premium Updates. 

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Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair TNT

Get Started Fast with this 72 page ebook.
It is full of sewing machine repair tips, tricks, and techniques you need.

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Life Long Customer Relations Value $19.95 

300 Things You Can Do  Value $19.95 

How To Make Profit With Fabrics Value $19.95 

Premium Updates  Value $29.95

Sewing Machine Repair TNT  Value $29.95

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