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Sewing Machine
Tune Up Kit.
The Essential Sewing Machine Repair.

Discover how to do a Sewing Machine Tune Up.

The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit
Reveals How To Do A Complete Sewing Machine Tune Up.

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The Sewing Machine Tune Up is the essential Sewing Machine Repair.   Sewing machines require a Sewing Machine Tune Up at least annually.  This keeps a sewing machine operating at peak performance for many years.

Sewing machine users should do periodic maintenance of their own.  But once at least once a year, every sewing machine needs the professional sewing machine technician to do a thorough Sewing Machine Tune Up.

 Sewing machines are designed to last.  When their maintenance is neglected, the sewing machine will eventually fail to perform as intended.    Neglect will eventually produce sewing machine failure.

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Dr. David Trumble has developed this dynamic Sewing Machine Repair Tune Up Kit from real world experience.  He started his own sewing machine business from his garage.  Today he owns a chain of Sew And Quilt Stores in Central Texas providing successful sewing machine repair services.  The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit provides practical support and guidance.

The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit reveals step by step how to do a complete sewing machine tune up

The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit includes the actual forms to use with customers. 

Sewing Machine Registration Form:

1.  When a customer brings you their sewing machine, Register Them and their sewing machine using the Registration Form. 

2. The form enables the Sewing Machine Technician to keep track of vital customer contact information.

3.  The Sewing Machine Registration Form records vital information.

a. Sewing Machine Make.
b. Sewing Machine Model.
c.  Sewing Machine Serial Number.
d. Sewing Machine Power Cord.
e. Sewing Machine Foot Control.
f. Sewing Machine Zig Zag Presser Foot.
g. Sewing Machine Case.
h. Sewing Machine Accessories.

The Sewing Machine Repair Estimate Form Details The Charges.

1. The Sewing Machine Repair Estimate Form gives the Customer  easy to understand expense detail

2. The Sewing Machine Repair Estimate Form gives the Technician an above board open and honest way to detail charges.

The Sewing Machine Repair Tune Up Form Details The Steps and Checklist For Tune Up.

1. The Tune Up Form Provides a Step By Step Checklist.

2. This Helps the Technician do a thorough Sewing Machine Tune Up.

3. This Form Gives The Customer an objective view of the Service Provided.

4. The Tune Up Form Insures Thoroughness.

The Sewing Machine Tune Up – Audio Presentation guides the Technician through the Tune Up.

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The Audio Program guides the sewing machine technician step by step through the entire process.  Receive a sewing machine for service.  Use the forms.  Perform a detailed external sewing machine inspection.  Complete an initial sewing test.  Remove Needle Plate, Bobbin, Bobbin Carrier, and Hook Assemblies.  Remove the sewing machine covers.  Thoroughly clean the insides of the sewing machine.   Lubricate the sewing machine.  Inspect the insides of the sewing machine.  Replace parts.  Adjust timing and balances.  Reassemble the covers.  Thoroughly test the features of the sewing machine.  Fine tune adjustments of timing, tension, balance, and positions. 

The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit gives the sewing machine technician the tools to insure proper sewing machine maintenance.   The Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit enables the sewing machine repair business a structure for success.  



Sewing Machine Tune Up
Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

This workbook guides you through the
tune up process helping you insure your
successful sewing machine tune up.
Value $19.95

Sewing Machine Repair TNT
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This 72 page ebook is full of practical fast start tips, tricks, and techniques.  Get started fast.  It reveals the secrets of
tensions, timing, essential adjustments, and
Doing Sewing Machine Repair.

Value $29.95

7 Steps To Success 

Sewing Machine Repair Success Audio

 This audio program reveals seven secret steps to success. 
Whenever a person considers starting a new business,
they need positive steps to insure their success. 
This program teaches you how to win every time.

Value $29.95 

* * * * *

Technical Support
For 90 Days
If you have questions or need assistance with a repair, describe your issues in an email and take a digital photo of the machine. 
Within 24 hours technical support will respond with detailed suggestions and tips on how to complete your repair.
Value $150

Get All This

Sewing Machine Tune Up Audio
Value $29.95

Sewing Machine Tune Up Forms
Value $29.95

Sewing Machine Tune Up

Value $19.95

Sewing Machine Repair TNT
Value $29.95

7 Steps To Success
Value $29.95

Premium Updates
Value $29.95

Technical Support 30Days
Value $150.00

Total Value $140.00


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